The Center for Languages and Culture was previously the Division of Foreign Languages Teaching, subordinated to the Center for General Education. With the establishment of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in 2012, the Division was integrated into the college and renamed itself as the Center for Languages and Culture. The Center has adjusted Chinese and English courses, ranging from language courses to classics and cultural courses, aiming to facilitate environments for language learning and value of cultures.

The Center for Languages and Culture at Kaohsiung Medical University offers a range of courses and services to develop students’ language capacity and prepare students with communication skills. The language center is a platform for language learners and professional teachers, and a place supporting teaching and learning of languages and cultures with technology.



The center aims to help students to enhance students' spoken and written languages, to respect various cultures and to develop communication skills through understanding national, global and cultural perspectives.



The Center for Languages and Culture exists to encourage and promote language learning through cultural contexts and classics, in Chinese, English and other foreign languages.

The center aims to familiarize students with language skills—reading, speaking, listening and writing, and foster students’ language proficiency, communication skills and aesthetic development.

The center provides a professional team for language learners by offering courses regarding language expression and application, classical literature appreciation, cross-cultural awareness and concern for the humanities.

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